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Right now, you can support more delicious programming - and help promote healthy living through an eco-friendly diet - by purchasing a copy of the Totally Vegetarian cookbook (now available in paperback), a DVD, and our brand new iPhone and iPad apps – VegEZ.

Pick up a signed copy of Toni Fiore's cookbook from Delicious TV's Totally Vegetarian!

200 of Toni's favorite recipes are totally yours. Check out some reviews “This is a perfect book to introduce your customers to the diversity of vegetarian and vegan cooking. Fiore's voice is casual and supportive. For those customers looking for a healthier, eco-friendly diet, this is a great choice.” Metro New York “Totally Vegetarian challenges any meat-eater to the notion that vegetarian eating is not delicious.” Slug "A great cookbook for novice cooks or professional chefs..." A specially signed cookbook for you or a loved one at a new low price! $25.00

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The Delicious DVD

Special 2-for-1 Price! screener_dvd300_copy Toni makes pasta new again. In one episode, she puts an Italian spin on the one-dish meal and creates a "meaty" Roasted Eggplant Cannelloni, another classic dinner with a delicious twist, then finishes off the meal with her very special Tofu Cannoli*. In the other episode, Toni puts a new twist on a worldwide favorite, to create a Vegetarian Beefy Lasagna that's out of this world. Then she pairs it with Insalata Pomodoro (tomato salad) and a light, authentic Italian-style Garlic Bread. *Cannoli shells may contain dairy, so check the label if you're vegan. All other recipes have vegan or vegetarian substitutes. This double episode DVD is $12.95 Plus $1.95 shipping/handling in the U.S.