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Episode 6: Blossom

Enjoy an enlightening conversation and scrumptious meal with Moby at NYC's Blossom restaurant. Linda finds out how he got his name, his thoughts on making music in a digital age, and how he he survives being on tour as a vegan. Don't miss the featured recipe: Cape Cod Cakes with Vegan Tartar Sauce.


Linda: Blossom/Moby Blog

Blossom is one of the shiniest stars in the NYC vegan landscape. The City has been touted as the place for great vegan restaurants and Blossom’s offerings are one of the reasons. When I asked Moby where he would like to dine for our interview he suggested Blossom. I had to ask which one as they now have three, literally uptown, downtown and across town! (see www.blossomnyc.com for photos of the restaurants and menus.)  Of course, and lucky for me, he suggested the original and most upscale one on downtown on Ninth Avenue at 22nd Street where the food can be compared to any award-winning restaurant anywhere.

We arrived at 5 o’clock opening time when it would be less busy. Betsy Carson and Reggie Hodges, producers, set the lights by the front window so we would be on far end of the restaurant and out of the way of the eventual diners. We were wrong. Customers came immediately, and on a week night at that! Nobody seemed to mind, especially Michael Parkin, the Manager, who was completely enrolled in not only serving his customers well but making sure that Moby and all of us had everything we needed in order to create a video would give the viewer a sense of Blossom’s outstanding food but also comfortable place to share questions and answers from Moby about his favorite dishes and about his music. My only regret is being unable to share all the shared thoughts or this video would be a full-length documentary. Perhaps for another time.

Nominated for a 2011 Tasty Award: Best Food Travel Series