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Episode 2: Ritz-Carlton The Star Lounge

Linda Long meets Victoria Moran, author of The Love Powered Diet for a delicious lunch created by Chef Eric Gilchrist.  Mezze Platter with warm, grilled pita bread, Butternut Squash Soup with Sautéed Chanterelles and Ginger Soy Meringue, and a Winter Vegetable Cassoulet.



Ritz-Carlton, you say? Yep! Think about it. Big international “ritzy” hotels have to cater to all cultures and all the dietary needs of their high-paying guests. And, all their lounge areas are prepared to receive their guests while traveling, in casual clothes as well as after-theater dressy times. So, anything goes at any time, and you can usually sit and linger as you stretch to see who might be relaxing near you…There is Alec Baldwin! Oh, and over there is James Cameron, two days after the Oscars and working on what looks like another meeting for the next big movie. Victoria Moran,  author of Living a Charmed Life and The Love-Powdered Diet among others, is my lunch guest, and she looks perfect in the environment, elegant and chic and kind and with wise things to say. We start with a Mezze plate of hummus and baba ganoush! However, Chef Eric Gilchrist, created a special dish on the spot (not any DVP, dreaded vegetable plate). It’s a Butternut Squash Soup that you want to have everyone near have a sample to explain your expressive non-verbal sounds with each bite. And, the Ritz-Carlton service extends to us with the recipe! His other course was a Vegetable Cassoulet, very French and in the comfort food category in that country. But, instead of the usual meat in the dish, he used white beans with finely toasted bread crumbs on top. Oh, please deliver me to live in the Ritz-Carlton in retirement!
Linda, victoria and eric
Come with us again through more videos coming soon where you are our guest for glorious vegan food – sometimes at unsuspecting places!