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Vegan Hotspot

Vegan Hotspots - from Haute Cuisine to Cheap and Tasty!

For veg-minded people, an exceptional restaurant can be hard to spot so our hosts and dinner guests will take us to their favorite hotspots, from haute cuisine to cheap and tasty, and even eco-natural foods and lifestyle shopping.

Join food photographer Linda Long and Robin Quivers, co-host of the Howard Stern Show for a tempting feast of Steamed Dumplings, Seitan Piccata, and more.

Episode 1 Trailer

Sit down at BB King Blues Club & Grill with Linda Long and award-winning master chef Eric Blauberg who has planned a special and delectable 5-course dinner menu. Start with a vegan tuna salad and a bite-sized vegan burger. As Eric points out, “Vegan food has now become a cuisine of its own.”

Even Mario Batalli who once stated “I eat vegans” is now promoting Meatout Mondays at all his restaurants. The times are a-changing so restaurateurs, please take notes. We want YOU to be the next Vegan Hotspot.

Join our VHS hosts and their dinner guests every week in search of the next great Vegan Hotspot. Then sign up for our newsletter and get treasured recipes from top restaurant chefs.

Media makers Betsy Carson and Reggie Hodges have joined forces again after wrapping the comic web series Willard Beach with Gitgo Productions director Kate Kaminski.

Vegan Hotspots was born when Carson and Hodges posed the question “What if there was a show that completely focused on finding great vegan food at a variety of restaurants while also providing lifestyle information and tips”? Watch Vegan Hotspots whether you’re vegan or not – it’s all about great tasting food that’s good for you and the planet!